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Advantages and disadvantages of fixed keel and centerboard sailboats

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Before know about their pros and cons first you need to have a basic idea about what exactly they are. You can visit and know about each type available in the market to make a wise choice.

Fixed keel Sailboats: A keel is used to prevent the sail boat from getting turned down by the wind. If in case it gets lowered, fixed keels will help in getting back upright.

Centerboard Sailboats: For such type of sailboats the centerboard acts the keel of the boat. It helps the boat from being blown sideways.

You can know detailed about these type of boats at After having idea about what it is lets know the advantages and disadvantages of the both the sailboats:

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Fixed keel:


  1. You can be sure that it is not that east for it to get blown down by the wind.
  2. There won’t be much sideways movement also.
  3. People riding the boat need not position themselves to prevent turning of the boat.
  4. It is quiet easy to handle and it moves swiftly.


  1. It cannot be rode in shallow water.
  2. IT can be really heavy considering its size. Also it is quite difficult to have it stored in a boatyard.



  1. Centerboard sailboats can be used in shallow water due to its ability to raise up the centerboard.
  2. They can be a wise choice when the speed of the wind is on higher side.
  3. When trying to balance the boat, centerboard can easily be raised.
  4. You can easily halt it at the boatyard


  1. Doesn’t have any relevant ballast to recover in case of capsizing.
  2. Centerboard usually takesup a larger space.

Considering all these, you can know decide on what you should prefer to buy.

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How to create your own advertisement?

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If we require any advertisement for any cause whether pitching up the product or raising the charity for an event there are certain basic things which needs to be focused upon for that. An advertisement is the way you are going to connect with the people and will let you know the thoughts. It is a brief time but the most important time in terms of connecting to the audience. To make the advertisement you need a model who can act on the script and a perfect script to be created for that as well. All after that is execution and the equipment required to create the advertisement.


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The equipment can be any high definition camera which can help you capture the video of the surroundings. You should be ready to find the model for your advertisement. You can hire models for this task who can help you to shoot the advertisement. You can visit the web also to search for hire models to complete your advertisement. The script should be focused upon and should be planned in very brief time. The complete execution should be covered with the all perfect angles for your shot. In case it is an advertisement for a product then make sure that the product is displayed at every angle present and is not missed out somewhere in the process.

Once the advertisement is made then depending on your budget you can pitch this in television. In case you want you can take the social media as an opportunity to share your advertisement. It is a perfect platform to share the advertisement with the people. There is facebook and Instagram which can be used for this thing and you can share the advertisement out there using this as a platform.




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