4 Frequently Asked Questions about Growing Zitronenbaum Answered

Posted on Jun 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

Zitronenbaum is a very useful in daily lives.  You can have a daily meal of the fruits; use them for salad dressing, garnishing cooked food, for flavoring of ice cream, juices, and smoothies. Also, it’s very useful when comes to skin care. Although a tropical fruit, the Mediterranean climate suits it well.

One doesn’t need to be a skilled gardener to cultivate these. But some questions might frequently cross your mind. Here are answers to all such queries.


How often do you need to trim the branches?

Unlike most plants, these plants do not require to be trimmed very frequently. Only keep in mind to cut out branches when you see the tree getting too dense, especially the center. This will help to retain proper air flow.

Also, if you notice any diseased area, cut out that part immediately. This might spread and spoil the whole tree.

Should you use pesticides?

Of course, you should! It is otherwise resistant to diseases and parasites, but prevention is always better than cure. Try to use natural pesticides instead of chemically infused ones. Use stinging nettle, garden hose or a lubricating soap spirit mixture. You can as well, rub some charcoal at the interface.

Can I grow Zitronenbaum in pots?

People with a shortage of space can grow the plant in a pot. But it has to be a dwarf species. Potted plants require more attention. Take care to place it in the sunshine at least for 6 hours every day. The pot mixing must be well drained and have a good amount of compost and granulated rocks. You have to take out these potted plants from the roots every three years and cut approximately five centimeters from around the root ball.

For further queries, you can visit online sites where expert gardeners have easy hacks for growing zitronenbaum. With those tips, your plant will survive all the seasons.

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