6 ways to help you lose a stone in a month

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The key to losing weight is eating right. Most people starve themselves to lose weight but instead suffer from health issues. So, if you want to lose a stone in a month, you need to follow proper diet and exercise.

How to lose a stone in a month?

A stone is equivalent to almost 14 pounds, therefore to lose this much weight you have to commit yourself to strict exercise and diet. Here are some proven tips lose a stone fast in a month that may be beneficial for you.

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  1. Have a healthy breakfast rich in proteins: Breakfast is the most important meal of a day and having protein-rich food keeps you full longer. Try to alternate your cereal or toast with eggs and fruits.
  2. Drink plenty of water: You need to drink lots of water whenever you plan to lose some weight. It not only flushes out the impurities from your body but also keeps control your food cravings.
  3. Exercise regularly: Weight training exercises are a key to quick weight loss. They improve the metabolism of the body and increase muscle growth. You can also lose a stone in a month by running for a few minutes every day.
  4. Cut down sugar intake: If you seriously want to lose a stone, you need to cut out all sources of sugar from your diet. Avoid carbonated drinks and alternate with fruit juices. Try to stay away from fried and spicy foods as well.
  5. Small meals: Try to have several small meals in a day instead of three large meals. This will help to stay full throughout the day and avoid binge-eating.
  6. Vegetables and fruits: Fill your plate half with veggies while having dinner. Instead of fruit juice, try to have whole fruits. Fruits and vegetables have lots of fiber and protein which increases the metabolism as well as improves immunity.

Therefore, if you wonder how to lose a stone in a month fast, you should follow the above tips to see how they work. By committing yourself to a strict routine, you will be amazed to see the end result.

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