All you need to know about a personal injury attorney

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If you have met with an accident that was the result of someone’s negligence, you can claim for compensation. A personal injury attorney can assist with the settlement of the bills with the insurance company. Whether your injury is financial, physical or emotional, an attorney can advise if you are entitled to compensation.

Who is a personal injury attorney?

Unlike other criminal cases, a personal injury case is caused when a person files a complaint against another alleging that they acted carelessly. A personal injury attorney is a lawyer who provides legal aid to those who claim to suffer from any kind of personal distress. So if you think you deserve compensation for such stress, you can hire an attorney.


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What are the types of injuries that require?

When you become the victim of a personal injury, it can lead to a lot of emotional and psychological stress. You need to pay the medical bills, and the insurance company does not help much. Hiring an attorney helps you prove that the injury was the result of someone else’s negligence and you deserve compensation for your loss.

Some of the common injuries where you may require a personal injury attorney are:

  • Work injuries,
  • Humiliation by family or co-workers,
  • Automobile accidents,
  • Medical injury due to wrong treatment,
  • Slip and fall in public or private place, etc

What are the fees?

The lawyers usually charge fees on a contingency basis. You need to pay a certain percentage of the contingency only when you win the claim. The percentage of the contingency varies in different states. In case you do not win the case, you do not get any compensation and hence need not pay the lawyer.

Hiring a personal injury attorney can be of great help when you suffer any kind of accident. They are familiar with such kind of cases and know the way which will help you get the compensation you deserve.

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