Best Brazilian hammock caring techniques that everyone should know

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Every object or device requires proper care and treatment if one wishes it to sustain for long. Similarly, it is extremely important that a person should properly take care of Brazilian hammock if they have one. In most cases, the fabrics used are of natural cotton or of strong and durable material. However, if untreated for long, it can damage the cloth.

Here are few tips to take care of such hammocks.

2 effective steps to take care of Brazilian hammock

  1. Washing
  • The first step is to remove the ropes before any hand wash.
  • Make sure its wash is with non-bio soap and in lukewarm water.
  • When in machine, hammocks require separate washing. Here, washing machine setting should be gentle and cool, preferably the setting fit for washing silk or wool.

brazilian hammock

  1. Caring and Storing
  • A high-quality hammock is made up of breathable material. So after washing it is best to hang it out in the sun. But it should not be in the strong sunlight.
  • In case if it accidentally gets wet, it is advisable to dry it as soon as possible to prevent mildew.
  • It is best not to fold the hammock while it is wet. It intensifies the fabric rotting process, and it may even help in colour
  • During rainy seasons when such hammocks are not in use, make a proper check before packing it. Look for any worn parts and repair it.
  • Make sure the place where you are storing the hammock is not damp. For extra safety, it is advisable to put some silica gel pouches.
  • One of the best ways to store them when you are still using it is to hang its end loops from any holder to prevent any string tangling.

Although these are just brief information about proper care of Brazilian hammock, one can easily find more of its details from reputed informative websites dedicated to these hammocks. Acquiring this info is important. After all, if you take care of your hammock, it will help you catch few more lazy afternoons!

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