China sourcing agent and distributors are same but are not similar

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Procuring product is and unpredictable business operation of which the expected outcomes may fail to meet. Procurement activities can be monitored but not all such activities can be monitored. Procurement of products becomes far too risky especially when they are imported or exported to low-cost markets. The risks can, however, be minimized if you appoint an outsourcing agent.

Who is a distributor?

A company can appoint an outsourcing agent or a distributor, however, a distributor is not the same as a China sourcing agent. A distributor rends to deal with procurement of products at a whole i.e. a distributor deals in a wholesale business where he hoards the products in bulk and sells them all together.

Who is a China sourcing agent?

A China sourcing agent, on the other hand, is an agent who talks to different suppliers and buys of products of China and other Asian countries and comes into a negotiation and he performs further quality control and quantity check in order to carry out a healthy business overseas.

China sourcing agent

How are a distributor and a sourcing agent different from each other?

An outsourcing agent deals with a wide range of products which form a part of the production process and can further be made out into newer products. A distributor deals in a range of ready-made goods which cannot be changed or altered later. A sourcing agent receives only a percentage of the total procured goods imported or exported which becomes economical for the company he works for while a distributor can add up extra profits to his account in order to gain more. If a company plans on buying a small number of products, then distributors come in handy as they hoard their products and can supply any time as per demand whereas a China sourcing agent will take time as there are a number of formalities to be fulfilled.

It is a company’s duty to choose the correct form of agent

In the end what a company wants to procure and what kind of service do they want comes down as a duty for the company because it is they who wants to appoint a Chinasourcing agent or a distributor. So choosing the right kind of service in accordance with the products they shall be dealing with is a matter of concern for the company.

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