Cook Healthy Oil-Less Turkey with the Revolutionary Turkey Fryer

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Any Thanksgiving dinner is incomplete without a turkey. It is a tradition that has been followed since a long time. Typically the turkey is roasted in an oven or deep fried with lots of oil, but with a fryer, you can cook a healthy Thanksgiving meal.

What is a turkey fryer?

It is a device for deep-frying a turkey. It helps you to cook a turkey with less oil and in less amount of time as compared to the conventional methods. Based on heat generated, different types of turkey fryers are available in the market.

oil less turkey fryer

Different types of turkey fryers

Infrared: An infrared fryer has a high powered propane burner. The propane heats up the walls of the closed chamber and cooks the turkey evenly. Be sure to use the infrared fryer outside the house in an open space.

Electric: You just need to plug the electric turkey fryer into a socket and can start cooking your turkey. You can safely use it indoors as well.

Both the electric and infrared fryers use hot oil to deep fry the turkey. Another variant is the oil less turkey fryer that heats up the air around the turkey. The air circulates around the turkey and cooks it without drying it out. The end result is juicy, oil-less turkey.


It is essential to use safety measures while using fryers, especially the ones that use oil as there are chances of spilling. With electric oil less turkey fryer, you need to make sure if the instructions allow you to use it indoors.

So if you want to prepare a deliciously cooked turkey in a very less time, a fryer is sure to help you. You can use it anytime to prepare a delicious turkey meal for your family. You can also cook sumptuous recipes with less or no oil and enjoy a healthy Thanksgiving.

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