Different Requirements for Joining MANVI Program and MANVI Update

Posted on Mar 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

Introduction: The immigrants who wanted to join the army of the United States must be familiar with the MANVI program. Also known as Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest (MANVI), this programs aims at recruiting the different types of militant in the army who are not the actual citizen of the America. It is the program that aims at giving the people an opportunity be the part of the US military and get the green card when they don’t have one. According to MANVI update, there was almost 5000 application were there for this program before the suspension. The program for 2017 is still suspended and under revision as per the new MANVI update.

Conditions to join the MANVI program: Certain terms and conditions must be followed by the aspirants for joining the MANVI. One can check the points stated below in order to understand the different terms and conditions for joining MANVI:

Well, we know that the green card is not required, but the person should be in the America from last two years.

There should be no absence from the American land more than 90 days.

That person should be able to pass the different medical test.

That person should be proficient in speaking at least one of the selected languages (the national language of some important countries) and should be able to pass the oral proficiency test.

The age should be in between 25-34.

He should have at least high school diploma.

Conclusion: If the person has held to all these conditions then it will be easy for him to join the MANVI program. There will be new MANVI update that is still to come about when it will again be re-opened.


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