How to Identify a Good Chico Roofing Company

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There are certain areas of work where a good Chico roofing company stands out from average ones. If you’re looking to hire a roofing company in Butte County, it’s a good idea to visit the site of past roofing jobs done by the company you’re considering. Also, ask questions, both to the references and the roofer. Also, do the following quality checks.


Signs of Good Workmanship of a Chico Roofing Company



Chico roofing company


How can you tell when a roofer does good work, not knowing much about roofing? Here’s how.


  1. A good roofer doesn’t lay a new roof over old shingles. The roofer should first find out in what condition the entire roof structure is. They need to remove the existing shingles to find out how the structure is. Note that ,manufacturer warranties of roof shingles don’t cover shingles placed over old shingles.


  1. A good roofer will check for proper ventilation and insulation. One of the reasons new shingle roofs fail is due to poor ventilation. Make sure that before beginning work, the roofing company inspects your attics and identify poor insulation or ventilation problems that could lead to a leaking roof.


  1. A good roofer will lay underlayment under shingles. It’s important for the roofer to lay down a barrier or underlayment below the shingles. There are different types of underlayments, including the waterproofing underlayment and the felt layer. These layers add extra protection in areas where there is extra chance of water and ice entering. The layers should be placed around chimneys, under flashings, on valleys, on the roof edges etc. Quality of the materials is also, of course, important.


A good roofer will also pay attention to small details, such as whether or not the shingles have been properly nailed down and flashings have been finished well. They will also do a good cleanup job, and take steps in advance to protect your plants and bushes. Roofers usually use plywood for this job.


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