Learn why carrageenan is not a problem but a solution

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Give or take, it has been nearly 50 years that food industry has been using carrageenan as an active ingredient in producing coconut milk, almond milk, or for setting jelly. In most cases, you might have heard that this ingredient has no nutritional value and cannot be digested easily. This component has often been seen in a negative perspectiveand termed as a constituent of health hazard,. But people around the world are largely dependent on this food industry and believe that their judgment of food components is accurate. So why the doubt is only regarded this product?

Read on to know more about the positive aspects of this constituent.

What is carrageenan?

Also known as carrageenins, it is the extract that is collected from red edible seaweeds and belongs to a family of linear sulfated polysaccharides. Being a form of red algae and processed through a special alkaline process, it is considered as natural and healthy food ingredient.



Why is this product considered safe?

This product is considered safe by many people in the food industry. Few of the reasons that arein favor of this ingredient are:

  • It offers a great texture
  • It enhances the physical appearance and structure of your food
  • Being an excellent vegan source, it is one of the best and perfect stabilizers

Other add-ons of this product

  • This ingredient has been recognized by a majority of regulatory bodies around the world and has been deemed as safe and fit for consumption.
  • The use of this product from authentic companies adds to the nutritional value of protein
  • This organic product is approved as an animal fat-free and gluten-free component and is seen as a vegan food component.
  • In fact, if this product is used in lunchmeat, it keeps it fresh and moist for a long time

Now, you are aware of so many positive traits of carrageenan.It is considered a good alternative ingredient at a very affordable range.

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