The Effectiveness Of Carrageenan – How It Works? Is It Unsafe?

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Seaweeds are the main source of Carrageenan. It is used as an ingredient in various medicines. It is used to treat health conditions like intestinal issues, coughs, TB and bronchitis.

Uses of Carrageenan

The French use a form of carrageenan whose texture is changed in high temperature and by mixing acid. It is a bulk laxative and treats peptic ulcers.

It is also used in the form of topical application to treat discomfort in the sensitive area. It thickens the food products, medications, and toothpaste.

There are certain chemicals found in this agent which may relieve intestinal and stomach problems. But an overdose of it can fill up the intestine with water. Hence, it is a laxative. Well, it might also reduce inflammation and pain.

Is Carrageenan Safe?

When taken orally, carrageenan is mostly safe. A chemically altered form is also used to cure peptic ulcers in France. Well, this form may cause cancer, and it is likely to be dangerous.


When Shouldn’t You Take Carrageenan?

Breastfeeding and Pregnancy – Basically, carrageenan is considered safe if it is used in moderate amounts in food products. There is a lack of evidence to ensure its safe use. So, it is better to avoid using it in the form of medicine and be on safe side.

Low Blood Pressure – It is another common side effect of carrageenan. If you have low blood pressure, avoid using it as it can even reduce the blood pressure levels.

Surgery – In some people, it may reduce blood pressure and slow down blood clotting. Hence, it interrupts blood pressure, and there is a risk of bleeding in this procedure.


Depending upon where and when you use and your health condition, Carrageenan might be safe or unsafe. However, it is recommended to control the intake of this additive in food products to stay on safe side.

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