Types of picnic basket available

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Picnic basket is a must for picnic .A picnic basket is a basic type of basket which is meant to store food, beverage while going for picnic. Varieties of picnic baskets are available in market. Some of them are listed below:


Traditional picnic basket: This type of basket is made up of wicker or woven fiber with a simple design, which makes it easy to handle, it captures the essence of classic picnic, very durable. Unlike modern baskets, the traditional ones don’t have additional assets like insulation and extra compartments.

Picnic basket with cooler: There are two types in this, one is made up of woven fiber and has an insulated cooler within it. Second is made up of durable polyester and comes in array of colors, they keep the food at right temperature. These are easier to clean but are less sturdy.

Wine picnic baskets: Special type of basket, designed to transport wine with cheese. These are portable, occasionally small in size. Wine picnic baskets are made up of willow with insulated interior so that it can hold two bottle of wine and nothing else.

Lunch Tote: Lunch tote are picnic baskets having two shoulder straps, they are made of poly canvas. They are easy to carry so it is also used for multipurpose. They provide add on features like insulation, they can be sealed and also have an extra pocket in the front. Lunch tote picnic baskets are difficult to clean and have very few compartments.

Picnic backpack: Picnic backpacks are contradicting to traditional picnic baskets. They are made up of polyester backpack, which is designed to hold food, accessories, beverages etc. The main compartment holds food whereas the front compartment holds the accessories. They are easier to carry for long distance, Backpack can be carried without hands and have many compartments.




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