What Are The Possible Effects Of Organic Garcinia?

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Supplements and drugs are very popular in the market these days. People these days are very busy and due to lack of time they cannot afford an hour for exercise and other fitness tasks. If there can be a supplement for tasks like exercises and healthy food, nothing can be better than that. But here comes the problem. Supplements that claim that they can improve your health conditions just by taking a pill daily or by having it with a glass of water are not always. Many such magical drugs have very side effects on the body. Organic garcinia is one such weight loss drug that is quiet talked about these days. Let us see what side effects it can have. Now these side effects can be minor or can be quiet harsh. There are people who also have to lose their life because of some chemical action.

Organic garcinia

Side effects:

The common side effects of organic garcinia:

  • It can cause liver problem if used for a long run.
  • Not applicable for pregnant women as HCA can have bad reactions with the hormonal changes.
  • Often causes dizziness.
  • It can create stomach problems and leads to indigestion.
  • At time sit can also cause Diarrhea.
  • Skin disease like dry mouth can occur.

All the above side effects are based on customer reviews. Now these effects can differ from person to person. It is not true that every person will be having same side effects. It can also work on certain metabolism systems.

Drug interactions

Organic garcinia consist of HCA molecules. HCA can have possible interactions with the other medicines which you take. So be careful before you use it. People who are on medication or have any existing disease are recommended not to use the product. Still if you want to use it consult your doctor.

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